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Re: Idea: Implementing a Lens Toggle into the System Settings


Am 24.09.2012 11:31, schrieb Mark Shuttleworth:
> These are getting pretty good, thank you!
> The On/Off toggles could be on the left pane, so you can see which
> scopes are enabled immediately.
> There could be an "Add Scopes" button at the bottom left which takes
> you to the right place in USC to find more scopes.
> Otherwise, great start!

I would suggest, that the selection of scopes for the Dash Home are be
placed in the Tab of the Dash Home.
The scopes are grouped by lenses in a tree where you can select the ones
you want.

In the settings of the lenses one can activate/disable scopes for the lens.

The scopes for Dash Home are independent of the scopes for the lenses.