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Re: solves weird triangles


On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 1:59 AM, Pedro Bessa <pedbessa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> When I argued in unity-design that the dash should be in the corner, Mark
> Shuttleworth mentioned fitts' law. Firefox tried to use one close button for
> all tabs first, one close button per tab later. If people found easy to
> click lots of close buttons scattered in the screen, people will find easy
> to click only one close button that is not at the edge of the screen.
> Dash was removed from the corner and placed in the launcher, because it's an
> app. I agree, so it will remain in the launcher, but I want the launcher to
> go all the way up to the top, cutting width from the top bar.
> So I criticize close-in-the-corner to create dash-in-the-corner to realign
> the window rectangles.
> What do you say?

It seems like this came across the list very recently, but, since I
dislike the current arrangement, I'll revisit it.

Giving the corner to "Close" gives it far too much weight. Sure, this
is being done because the title bar is merged with the menu bar on
maximized windows . . . for some reason. Oh, yeah, that form factor
which nobody talks about post-iPad.

Merging the title bar with the menu bar has given us both overvalued
"Close" buttons and a menu bar that disappears. It saves about 24
vertical pixels when 1080 vertical pixels is starting to look small.
It crowds out the dash button, leaving less space for other launchers.

The dash isn't an app any more than the kernel or the folder system is
an app. It is for regular people a part of the system. Apps can be
removed from the launcher bar; neither the dash button nor the trash
can can be removed.

Talking to walls, or is it chairs now?

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