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Re: Proposal: An alternate icon scheme for the Messaging Menu


On 25/09/2012 14:42, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
On 23 September 2012 13:52, Nekhelesh Ramananthan <krnekhelesh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
What if there was a new message and I am currently online? The screenshot
proposed only depict one status at a time which are chat status or email
status. To be honest, the icons currently now seem fine. I am not sure why
the community hates them so much.
Personally, the new envelope feels blurry. A bug report said that it
was because the new icons use shadows but I haven't checked if that's
true. If it is true, shadows are definitely out of place in the
monochromatic system status menu area.


IIRC, shadows have been here since the first mono icons in the panel (Karmic?). Resizing the canvas to 22x22 (it is 24x26) and recentering the icon make it less blurry and almost similar to the previous messaging icon.
(see screenshot)


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