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Re: chameleon colours for the global menu


Hi Alan,

This project will match the ambiance theme colours to those used by
unity: https://launchpad.net/ambiance-chameleon

1) Download the tar.gz and extract the files anywhere you like.
2) Set the ambiance-chameleon script to run at startup.
3) Log out and back in.
4) Change your wallpaper or re-select the current one

Hope this helps. I use it with 66% panel opacity.


On 04/10/12 21:59, Alan Bell wrote:
> Hi all,
> the launcher and dash and HUD are all very pretty and pick out colours
> from the wallpaper (with a terrible algorithm that shouldn't work as
> well as it does but that is another story), if you turn the panel
> transparency down to 0.01 you get a similar effect in the panel
> (turning it to zero messes things up a bit though) so this is rather
> sweet looking. The dropdown global menu and indicators are however big
> square cornered grey slabs
> http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/menu.png
> can we make those pick up chameleon colours, with maybe white text
> like the HUD? Even better to look just like the HUD/Dash with the
> chunky grey outline, blur background and curves that blend it into the
> launcher/panel frame.
> Alan.

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