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Re: chameleon colours for the global menu


very nice!
just been checking the unity source and it seems that the chameleon colour selection algorithm has totally changed since last I looked at it and it is now perfectly reasonable - it was a recursive thing that was far too heavily weighted to the screen corners and a kind of X shape in the middle, now it uses _GNOME_BACKGROUND_REPRESENTATIVE_COLORS which is implemented by the desktop

On 04/10/12 22:30, Matt Richardson wrote:
Hi Alan,

This project will match the ambiance theme colours to those used by
unity: https://launchpad.net/ambiance-chameleon

1) Download the tar.gz and extract the files anywhere you like.
2) Set the ambiance-chameleon script to run at startup.
3) Log out and back in.
4) Change your wallpaper or re-select the current one

Hope this helps. I use it with 66% panel opacity.


On 04/10/12 21:59, Alan Bell wrote:
Hi all,
the launcher and dash and HUD are all very pretty and pick out colours
from the wallpaper (with a terrible algorithm that shouldn't work as
well as it does but that is another story), if you turn the panel
transparency down to 0.01 you get a similar effect in the panel
(turning it to zero messes things up a bit though) so this is rather
sweet looking. The dropdown global menu and indicators are however big
square cornered grey slabs


can we make those pick up chameleon colours, with maybe white text
like the HUD? Even better to look just like the HUD/Dash with the
chunky grey outline, blur background and curves that blend it into the
launcher/panel frame.


I work at http://libertus.co.uk

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