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Re: suggestion – set default lens in system settings


On 11/11/12 23:36, Thibaut Brandscheid wrote:

I think it would be great if it was possible to set the default lens, the lens that is shown when pressing SUPER, in system settings to another lens.

This way the Dash experience could be more personalized. Some users might use the Dash mostly for file search other for application or what ever search, having the possibility to set another lens as default would be great. Pressing SUPER is much easier than SUPER + [key].

I think this kind of personalisation can be achieved in a different way, whilst also fixing the privacy issue at the same time. At the moment we have a single switch that sets a flag and a few of the default lenses look at that and avoid performing internet queries when the flag is set. Any third party lens written to the specification won't honor the privacy setting to keep searches local. What we should have is a list of all the installed lenses, with a switch for each one to say whether it is allowed to see global search changed events. If it isn't allowed to see it then active-global-search will always return nothing for that lens. This way we are not promising anything we can't deliver like preventing lenses from accessing the internet, however we are providing the facility to control which lenses see global seach queries, we are maintaining the ability to do shopping searches and other internet based searches and we are adding the ability for the user to customise the experience of the default lens to search for just a small number of common things, perhaps applications+music or files+google docs.


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