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Minor dash annoyance (change proposal)


Hi, I don't know if this have been discussed before but in case it hasn't:

When using the keyboard to search in the dash, it's only natural to use the
arrows to navigate through the results.  If the search does it's job
correctly (namely: it displays in the first results what I'm actually
looking for) we will however always have one extra keystroke to press
because of the "see more result" section. My point is that the order by
which the "see more result" section appears is incorrect. Again, if the
search does it's job correctly, the first things I should get when pressing
the down arrow are the first search results; if the results do not show
what I'm looking for, *only then *it becomes relevant to access the "see
more results" section. Bottom line: the "see more result" should be placed
below the actual results results (as every sensible search engine always

(please refer to the screenshot in attachment for a more visual explanation)



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