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Re: Minor dash annoyance (change proposal)


On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 10:56 AM, Mathieu Beliveau
<mathieu.beliveau.1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When using the keyboard to search in the dash, it's only natural to use the
> arrows to navigate through the results.  If the search does it's job
> correctly (namely: it displays in the first results what I'm actually
> looking for) we will however always have one extra keystroke to press
> because of the "see more result" section. My point is that the order by
> which the "see more result" section appears is incorrect. Again, if the
> search does it's job correctly, the first things I should get when pressing
> the down arrow are the first search results; if the results do not show what
> I'm looking for, only then it becomes relevant to access the "see more
> results" section. Bottom line: the "see more result" should be placed below
> the actual results results (as every sensible search engine always did).

Hi Mathieu,

Interesting point.

However, I look at the current design another way. Currently, if the
Dash is doing it's job correctly, most of the time, the first result
is the App that you want to launch. I just hit Enter, and go. (This is
all assuming that by default you're searching for Apps as opposed to
Files or whatnot.) I don't even need to hit down-arrow to highlight
that first App. Perhaps, the current thinking is that if you don't see
what you're looking for by scanning the first row of results, you only
need to hit down-arrow once to see more possible results from your
search. You would need to hit down-arrow more than once if "see more
results" was placed below the first row of Apps.

On the other hand, I also agree with your argument that logically,
"see more results" should be placed BELOW the first row of apps even
though keystroke-wise, that may be more inefficient.