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Re: What can we learn from Elementary OS?


On 9 December 2012 22:10, Britt Yazel <bwyazel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The one thing that Elementary has done extremely well is the creation of
> their own DE called Pantheon. They have created more than just a shell for
> Gnome3 (not to belittle what Unity has done), but they have also rebuilt
> most of their underlying technologies as well to fit exactly their purpose,
> rather than relying on Gnome. Gala is one such example, to remove their
> dependence on Compiz. They have also made many of their own default
> applications to fit THEIR purpose, rather than trying to make their purpose
> fit a wide assortment of apps. (Midori, Maya, Noise, Scratch, etc)
> Now, I dont mean to belittle Gnome or Ubuntu. I use Ubuntu on a daily basis
> and love it greatly, and I also help with the Ubuntu Gnome Remix. I just
> think that ridding ourselves of Compiz dependence, and making Unity more
> than just the Visual shell, and rather creating more of the back-end
> utilities in house (like Gala and Mutter) will lead to a desktop that is
> more cohesive, rather than feeling "patchy".

Gala is a GNOME shell built on mutter similar to GNOME Shell or
Cinnamon (except that the Cinnamon devs forked an old version of


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