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Re: Kill The Sort-By Button


Am Tue, 11 Dec 2012 21:55:40 +0100
schrieb Thibaut Brandscheid <randaltor@xxxxxx>:

> Yes, we need the sort functionality, but do we need this
> one-click-buttons in the "front UI"?
> If you would have to go to the settings, or would have to right click
> to unlock and make the Sort-By buttons visible and editable, would
> that be such a big loss?

Non-expert users may not find out how they can sort things.

> How important is the feature for an average user?
> pretty unimportant

Sorting for example files by name, size or date seems to be a quite
common thing for me, even for non-experts. Like when you want to find
the big files you could remove to free up some disk space.

If this confuses some users I think it would be a better solution to
make it even more obvious.

Another idea could be to have an option "simple interface" at the
accessibility settings.

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