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Re: Ubuntu Phone Widgets


I also thought about that one . As I see it Cannonical won't make them native ,nor the home screen customizable enough ,so there will be an app that the users will install to use as a desktop , and it will support widgets . I just hope , that there will be enough customizability , so that we won't need to make entire forks of the Phone OS , to change the default home screen app for example .

Actually I think there's no anwser on the topic because it's too early , and some of the development/design decisions haven't been made yet . At least those are my optimistic thoughts . So if there's enough peer interest in getting widgets it may happen natively too.

I think we should just wait to see the image released , the topic as I said ,comes kind of early .


On 01/19/2013 02:20 AM, Philipp Gassmann wrote:
Yesterday i stumbled upon following youtube Video titled "My Ubuntu
Android Theme on Nexus 4 Hands on Demo"

It's about his Android theme in Ubuntu Phone style.

Other than that it's really well done, it shows how Ubuntu Phone could
integrate Android-like widgets.
What about widgets, was one of the questions I had from the Ubuntu Phone
Demos I saw on youtube.

Is there already an official answer on widgets?
What do you think of Widgets and Ubuntu Phone? not needed? can
everything be done by lenses?