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end user ajustable Global menu Blacklist


    Let’s face it People have yelled about Unity’s Vanishing global menu.
And it seems to fall on Deaf or stubborn ears. So we need another fix
because the option to let users let it keep showing is probably not in the
cards and, purposed “fix” https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/682788
an inconsistent behavior.  And out right ignores the option users have been
//Asking for//

      So let’s approach this rationally People hate the vanishing menu due
to the fact that //some applications that are menu intensive// pile on the
fact that these applications are of the type that //people use to get work
done//. For example IDE’s for programming (eg Anjunta), office applications
(eg Libreoffice) and Media editing (eg GIMP) there are plenty of uncommon
ones as well.

    I Propose that it is made possible to Blacklist these Menu intensive
Programs from the Global menu. to give Professionals and the enterprise
an environment that is usable for it's needs.

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