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Unity needs a "presentation mode" (inbuilt way to inhibit screensaver)


Unity really needs an easy inbuilt "presention mode" where you could either
hit a key combination or use an inbuilt indicator to completely indicate
screensaver/screen blanking/suspend. There are many use cases for this,
such as watching videos.

Of course some applications are smart enough to do this themselves, but the
problem is: 1. Not all applications do this. 2. Gnome changes the method to
do this so often that the applications that can often have this function
broken anyway. And then there are other common use cases that have never
and will never be able to do it by themselves, such as adobe flash player.
I'm aware of the caffeine indicator, but this project doesn't seem to have
had any activity for two years and doesn't seem to work properly in gnome

Simply having a inbuilt keyboard shortcut to inhibit this until its pressed
again would be very useful to many users, and a great failsafe for use
cases such as applications that can't do it on their own. Having the screen
turn off in the middle of doing something is one of the most annoying
experiences a user can have!

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