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Re: Ubuntu startup sound for 14.04 LTS


2013/9/12 Sam Hulick <samh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Sorry, I think I'm looking for something else license wise. I don't mind
> if the sounds are used commercially (since Ubuntu can be used
> commercially), but I am looking to safeguard against someone taking these
> sounds and selling them to make a profit. I imagine the same is true for
> Ubuntu, no? No one can take copies of Ubuntu and sell them to keep the
> profits?

In fact it's more complicated than that. There's a practical exemple :

I'm a member of the French LoCo. As LoCo we don't receive any funds by
Ubuntu Fundation or Canonical, but we have the right to sell the translated
version of Ubuntu. The profit is used to funds our LoCo

So if we can't make profits selling Ubuntu, we can't live as a LoCo.

All the work made by the community is place under Free licence, artwork,
software, documentation because if someone wants to sell Ubuntu, as Dell in
China, or a LoCo, he is free to do it.

Best Regards,

Vincent JOBARD