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Call notification priority


I recently watched this demo[0] of the new notification OSD, and I have
some concerns about how not-prioritized a phone call is in the current
design. This was the comment I left on the Google+ thread about this video.

"I don't know... I feel like the incoming phone call needs to take over the
screen fully and completely, in much the same way as happens with iOS and
 Android. A phone call is too important for a small notification, and
placing notifications at the top of the screen places them in the least
optimal position for quick response. I can easily reach all around my 4.65"
Galaxy Nexus's screen, but the top is the least convenient place to reach
right before trying to put it up to my head to answer a call, I believe.
Especially with such small buttons.

The aesthetics are coming along nicely though, so congratulations on that,
and for normal notifications that should be fine."

Essentially, since the driving purpose behind a phone is to make and
receive calls, I feel like we should give ultimate priority to incoming
phone calls. If a user misses a phone call because of an easy-to-miss or
difficult-to-quickly-accept phone notification, then the device has,
effectively, failed at its intended purpose. Smartphones have expanded the
vision of what the device is able to do, but real time communication is
still not something to be diminished, is it?

[0] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQMIf1cOyHc