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Serendipity in the dash


Trying out Saucy today I noticed the weather results in the dash. Hey awesome, it is going to be 32 degrees tomorrow! Um no, it is going to be 32 degrees in Termoli, Italy. That is because I was in progress of launching the terminal application when I noticed it. I tried again searching for "weather" which told me that it is going to be quite nice in Weatherford, USA. Finally I searched for London to find the cold and miserable result I was looking for.

So this is kind of a cool feature, but it is *never* going to accidentally and serendipitously show me the weather in somewhere I care about. I have to explicitly type in the name of somewhere nearish me that probably has a weather forecast - doing what makes sense to me and just typing weather does not show me weather where I am.

I know the smart scopes plan is supposed to improve this kind of thing, but in general I think lenses should be less eager to show results on the dash home page that just can't be relevant to any random thing I type (which is rarely anything outside the array ["term", "firef", "chro", "ecli"])


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