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Make File manger more intuitive


 I think this will improve the usability of nautlus.

 I believe that *window browsing* is no good in ubuntu and only logical way
to get around in ubuntu is *tab browsing*.
 However It is a problem (*at least for me*) When *I have a lot of tabs
opened in file manager* , it is rather hard to navigate in them.


*To put perspective on this mostly I have more tabs opened in my file

 However If file manager will apply *random colors* to the *tabs* it will
be faster and more convenient to navigate in.

Something like this


 Some offices have colorful lines on their floors to make navigating in
offices more convenient why not integrate something similar in ubuntu or
gnome either way works or at least have a option to enable this option or

 Sorry if I have not send this email to a right mailing list (this is
mailing list is not it??)

anyway thank you for your time

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