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Re: Let's talk about sorting arrows


On 02/21/2014 12:39 AM, Sam Hulick wrote:
Check out this collage of just a few different applications (both native
and web) that show that an arrow pointing up means sort in ascending
order, and an arrow pointing down means sort in a descending order.

No matter which direction, it remains guesswork if A–Z maps to newer–older and to smaller–larger or if any pair has to be switched around.

I will attach a mockup (that is old as the theme looks) with a possible solution for A–Z and smaller–larger. Also at:

Back then I couldn't think of a clear solution for newer–older. A more recent date could be seen to be a *larger* value, or bars could represent the timespan from now back to the date.

Green could stand for newer and brown for older, but that might be seen as a rather loud solution.

Thorsten Wilms

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