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Let's talk about sorting arrows


Hey all,

I wanted to bring up something which I feel has been a glaring design issue in Linux in general for ages now. While we can't change every distribution out there, I'm hoping the Ubuntu design team will consider this.

The direction of sorting arrows in Ubuntu (and most GTK apps) is completely backwards from pretty much every other operating system and application out there. Check out this collage of just a few different applications (both native and web) that show that an arrow pointing up means sort in ascending order, and an arrow pointing down means sort in a descending order.

Examples: http://i.imgur.com/jx4tnMM.jpg

Of course there are way more examples than just this. Is it feasible for Ubuntu to push to change this? I'm sure there will be a lot of push back from people saying to leave it alone and this is how it should be. But I'd argue against that, and if we were to choose a standard, it would definitely fall in line with the examples I've shown above.




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