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Re: ubuntu touch design


On 13/11/14 11:07, guy luz wrote:
> My name is guy luz and I am 17 years old.
> I would like to  help you make ubuntu touch more user friendly through 17
> years old point View.

Hi guy, thanks for the feedback and ideas!

> I am using ubuntu touch as my only OS on my nexus 5 quite a lot of time and
> here are my suggestion for improving the design:
> 1.  the app page need to be in the middle and the scops around it from both
> sides, this way it will          take lass time to swap to the scope that
> you want.

We might make that configurable. The reason we have it on the far left
is because of the left edge, this way the motion is always consistent
when you reveal the app scope with a long swipe through the left edge.
If it were in the middle, we might need to "slide left to go right",
which feels inconsistent.

> 2.  Wan you first open your phone after installing the OS (wan you select
> language and other stuff)        one of the screens should be accounts
> screen.

Yes, agreed!

> 3.  In my opinion the lock security screen need to be the same image as the
> lock screen (its exists      just wan you choose image) .

The main issue is readability, but we could look at ways to make the
buttons readable regardless of image. Thanks for the suggestion.


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