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Maximize application on both monitors when having dual head setup



I tried to search and wade through the mailing list answers for "maximize"
and "dual" setup but only came up with a lot of bugs/issues with the
application maximizing on the wrong screen. This is not what I would like.

I am reliant on Eclipse, and the more real estate the better, and I am sure
there would be tons of applications like DAWs, 3D modeling tools, etc that
would benefit from having the maximize use both screens available.

Is there's any work on getting "maximizing" an app on a dual head setup use
both monitors?
(I am running 13.04 so there might be something on that in 13.10 that I
haven't seen.)

What I would want is basically this, if you have an app placed so that it
crosses the border in between the monitors it should maximize on both
screens, otherwise on the monitor that it's currently belonging to.