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Re: Hello ubuntu design team


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Hello guy

Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions!

guy luz wrote on 29/01/15 17:46:
> ...
> * The Ubuntu store button make a lot of wast space in his right
> side, I prefer to see it as a long line in the bottom as edit in
> the picture.

You're right, this is a bit inelegant. James Mulholland, the current
Dash designer, tells me this will be fixed soon.

> * You decided that change text in the keyboard will be with drop
> down list and it is vary anoing to users with only 2 languages and
> vary comfortable to users with more than 2 languages.  I think that
> the best option will be both, tap to go to the next language and
> hold to get drop down list. This way both of the users win.

The intended design is just as you suggest: tap to switch layouts,
long-press to get the menu. The current behavior is a bug. I've just
reported it and credited you. <http://launchpad.net/bugs/1417048>

> * This one is less important, in the System Settings you can press
> on the titles like: Network, personal, System  so as a user you
> think that a window will appear but it does nothing, in my opinion
> it shod be normal label and the user will not be able to click on
> it.

Well spotted. I've reported that bug too.

> Keep up the good work your OS is the bast, you only need import
> from SIM card and video player and the OS is ready for the consumer
> .

SIM import is "No access to contacts on SIM"

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