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Ubuntu TV / Unity 3d question


Hello there My name is Joseph Mills and I am really really really into
Ubutnu TV you may have seen some of my videos on youtube

I am Stuck between a rock and a hard place.
1) Ubuntu tv uses QT (unity 2d) atm I can keep building on top of this but
there is no point as Unity 2d is being scraped

2) If I make a Unity 3d Ubuntu TV then it will also be tossed away. Because
I am one not a canonical employee and 2) one the Unity Team creates the
Ubuntu tv experience on  Unity 3d Mine will be worthless.

So This is what I want. I want to work with the people that are working on
Unity 3d integration of Ubuntu TV. So That I can communicate with them and
Help out with some code (even if it is just comments) .

For Real thou, All I would like to do is help out and have one cool tv.
This is it. And I kinda have that with QT. But as you can image it is hard
for me because of the things that are listed above. I am smart and I am
powerful I can help you guys.

I look forward to hearing back from you in the future

Joseph Mills