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Unity Calendar application


Dear ubuntu devs and fabulous ubuntu community.


 Few days ago I needed an Calendar application on ubuntu, so I as any other
person would do I *clicked on the time in my top panel *which revealed the
*calendar* now I selected the date I was *interested in* and started *left
clicking on it*, as you might guessed nothing happened and that is when I
found out that ubuntu calendar is just I calendar, I can't even add an
alarm clock to it.

So what I am suggesting is to *add some functions to this calendar*, I am
not even talking about complex functions like syncing with online calendar
( although that would be nice) I am talking about *basic functions like on
specific date you selected you can add text and an alarm notification*.

If you want to make a suggestion like: install evolution, well I did and it
is heavy on the resources, now I have to email clients an my pc
(Thunderbird and evolution) and most of it's functions did not work I could
not force it to play sound when the event would come.

So please add functions to this calendar,

Thank you for your time.
Best regards

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