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Issue with monitor info not getting passed to Unity


Hi, I have an odd display setup. I have five monitors driven by two cards.
For some reason OpenGL programs only see the first three (even though OGL
works great on the second two). I've solved this for Compiz by manually
setting my displays under 'General Options -> Display Settings' in CCSM,
but it doesn't seem to be passing that info off to Unity.

Right now it's displaying separate panels on both of the monitors on the
card with 2 screens and one panel stretching across the other three. When I
hit super it loads the menu on the two screens with separate panels just
fine, but always loads on the leftmost screen for the other three screens.

Alt-tab also doesn't show up right. On the 3 screens it always shows up
overlapping between screen 1 and screen 2 and on the other screens it
overlaps half-way between them.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this?

--Nathan Ladwig (Netham45)