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Re: How Are We Going to Go Around This?



Thank you for your reply, my reply is inline.

On Sun, Oct 22, 2017, at 06:30 PM, Dale Beaudoin wrote:
> Hi Svetlana,


>  The unity7 maintainers is a crossover point for potential volunteers
>  who have programming , launchpad maintenance skills and iso testing
>  skills to keep unity7 viable during the 18.04 testing cycle. We can
>  also use persons who can create wikis and patch links. At the current
>  moment the maintainers team is in a holding pattern. I am waiting to
>  hear from some of the  developers of the desktop team of what the
>  next steps will be.  My home base is here:
>  https://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=427> 
> Ubuntu Development Version[1]
> ubuntuforums.org
> This forum is for the discussion of the development of the next
> version of Ubuntu or for discussion of testing point releases of the
> current LTS. Please Note: Ubuntu ...> but there are some current policy  problems in being able to
> officially test unity-session there. I am hoping that this will be
> resolved soon. At the current moment I would appreciate if persons who
> are interested could post there comments here:
> https://community.ubuntu.com/t/testing-unity7-during-18-04-cycle/841/3>  
> Testing Unity7 during 18.04 cycle[2]
> community.ubuntu.com
> Some teams may decide to organise themselves around official flavours,
> or specific narrow topics. However, as an individual you’re welcome to
> test whatever you like, whenever you like. It’s your time to spend,
> and you can choose what to spend it on. While it may sound alarming
> that threads are being removed about Unity 7 discussions, I’d imagine
> that’s just to keep focus to what the team remit is?> or here :
> https://community.ubuntu.com/t/unity-7-continuation-call-for-developers-and-supporters/736/19> 

I seen the threads/boards, but I haven't yet to reply.  I think I will
wait for the word from the developers about the next steps.  If we
would be continuing on, I'm willing to work on the Community wiki pages
and testing.

> Mostly , your feedback and testimonials are certainly most very
> welcome. In fact , feedback is tantamount if we are going to have a
> credible argument to keep unity-session viable in 18.04 universe. One
> main reason is there is a potential for breakage problems where
> persons who are running 16.04 with unity default and they  decide to
> upgrade to 18.04 and unity-session is not in the repos!  What will
> happen then? Hopefully the community will find a solution. So please
> .. post where you would and share where you would your ideas and
> feedback. When I hear word as to progress on all of this I hope to
> send  mail to everyone on the team so far.
I do agree that Unity 7 is needed for those who are upgrading from
18.04.  Plus for those who find 17.10's UX is horrible, like me.   I
know of two issues with Unity 7 that could be fixed, one is going from
auto-hide not working at times and recent programs on dash not showing.
I also created a Telegram group for quick new posting and chat:
Svetlana Belkin
A.K.A: belkinsa
User Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/belkinsa


  1. https://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=427
  2. https://community.ubuntu.com/t/testing-unity7-during-18-04-cycle/841/3

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