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Re: ppa error



On 12/03/2017 01:46 PM, Christopher Patrick wrote:
> I was wondering how I would fix this error?
> E: Repository 'http://ppa.launchpad.net/unity7maintainers/unity7-desktop/ubuntu
> bionic InRelease' changed its 'Label' value from 'Unity 7 Testing' to
> 'Ubuntu-Unity-18.04-Testing'
> N: This must be accepted explicitly before updates for this repository
> can be applied. See apt-secure(8) manpage for details.

This is an interactive thing; type Y then enter when it comes up.

If it's in something like sbuild, go into the golden schroot and run
`sudo apt update`.

I hope this helps.

Simon Quigley
tsimonq2 on freenode and OFTC
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