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Unity-7 related issues in eoan



Several unity-7 issues are piling up. So I thought I will give you
heads-up. I will try to be short, please bear with me.

1) Proposal for dropping phone related code from indicator-datetime:

Indicator-datetime codebase is complex with many phone related code
like haptic feedback, notifications and powerd integration. None of
them works as intended as we don't have phone anymore. And with newer
libraries it is getting increasingly difficult to maintain as we can't
test the functionality and depending on the tests so far. But several
tests are already failing with new python3-dbusmock/libdbustests .
There is also libecal-2.0 in eds > 3.33 which requires big changes in
the code. That's why I propose to drop phone related code. Our
community member Victor suggested that we go back to c (rev 297) where
there was no/minimal phone code and then cherry pick relevant commits.
According to him, it will easier than selectively dropping code from
current codebase. I am not sure how that will work but I am ok with it,
if the functionality on desktop remains exactly the same.

Thoughts ?

2) I want to SRU these fixers for bionic. Can anyone sponsor here ?


3) Libnm-port for u-c-c: Already merged. Thanks to Sebastien.

4) Libinput-port: In-progress....

5)  FTBFS with hud with gtk-doc 1.26:  Gtkdoc-mktmpl was removed from
gtk-doc 1.26. It now recommends to use GtkDocConfig.cmake which they
provide. I tried to use them but even then it can't compile.
This page doesn't really say much.
<https://developer.gnome.org/gtk-doc-manual/unstable/cmake.html.en>, I
would appreciate some help here.

6) Upower .99 port: u-s-d->merged, indicator-power->in-progress....

7) Fix for several glib/gtk deprecation from u-c-c, u-s-d,
unity-greeter, unity-gtk-module & indicators: I am doing it, but it
will take some time. I will propose a merge when it's ready.

8) Appmenu-qt (Port to qt5):

I won't be doing it. It's not an issue if qt4 stays in eoan. But if
not, I suggest to drop appmenu-qt and sni-qt from recommends unless
anyone wants to work on it. The downside will be, there won't be any
global menu for qt
apps but by default ubuntu-unity-desktop doesn't ship any qt

Other than that, since all of the online-scopes are gone now, I plan to
add few default scopes for Unity (as requested on community), at-least
those which can be accessed locally like contacts & calendar events.

That is all.

Thanks You.