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Getting unity-control-center to use PRETTY_NAME in /usr/lib/os-release


Currently unity-control-center has the Ubuntu version hardcoded. It is
possible to fetch the version of Ubuntu from /etc/lsb-release or
/usr/lib/os-release in unity-control-center (like in gnome-control-center).
This will fix many issues. For example, I use Ubuntu 20.10 but
unity-control-center shows it as 20.04. It shows 20.04 LTS on a computer
which is running 20.04.1 LTS.

A sample implementation (with some left out TODOs) in C++:

void get_pretty_name () {
   fstream file;
   string word;
   string filename = "/usr/lib/os-release"
   while(file > part) {
      // TODO: Check if 'part' contains PRETTY_NAME (in os-release), and if
so, proceed to get the value of PRETTY_NAME

It would be much easier to do this in a Bash script:

source /usr/lib/os-release