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Move development to Github


Hello everyone.

Maybe you are already aware of this, the development of Virtualbricks is
stale. Anyway I am happy to say that its use is not. Our user base is
increasing and the new users need to use VB in new platforms. The most
notably example is SLES 12. Hooray!

Supporting those users and platforms is an increase effort, much of
which caused by Launchpad and Bazaar. Virtualbricks is the only project
for which I use Bazaar and I give up using advanced features because
learning Bazaar is simply not worth. I can assert that Bazaar is
moribund and Launchpad is not the most used development platform.
Personally speaking I am much more comfortable with git and Bitbucket,
which we use at work, but also with Github and Mercurial.

I propose to switch the development to git and Github. Daniele once
created an organization in it. I would revive it and move the
development of VB and Netemu there.

Please share your thoughts.


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