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Re: Move development to Github


Yes please.

I regret using launchpad in the first place. I even can't remember why.

I have one request though: there is already a team for virtualsquare on
github, so why don't you go ahead and upload it there?


Please share your usernames so I can add you to the team.

vde-netemu is already there.



On 12/03/2017 09:52 AM, Marco Giusti wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> Maybe you are already aware of this, the development of Virtualbricks is
> stale. Anyway I am happy to say that its use is not. Our user base is
> increasing and the new users need to use VB in new platforms. The most
> notably example is SLES 12. Hooray!
> Supporting those users and platforms is an increase effort, much of
> which caused by Launchpad and Bazaar. Virtualbricks is the only project
> for which I use Bazaar and I give up using advanced features because
> learning Bazaar is simply not worth. I can assert that Bazaar is
> moribund and Launchpad is not the most used development platform.
> Personally speaking I am much more comfortable with git and Bitbucket,
> which we use at work, but also with Github and Mercurial.
> I propose to switch the development to git and Github. Daniele once
> created an organization in it. I would revive it and move the
> development of VB and Netemu there.
> Please share your thoughts.
> Cheers,
> Marco

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