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Default apps, webapps-applications source tree update


Hi, have a branch here now: https://code.launchpad.net/~robertcarr/webapps-applications/default-apps/+merge/123178

Which includes some restructuring in webapps-applications to facilitate landing the default applications and package support.

Brief overview: We will need to ship a package in main containing some basic userscript infrastructure, and .desktop files for the default apps. The thought is to call it webapps-common

It's contents will be as follows:
Amazon*.desktop (for each domain)
UbuntuOne desktop files (still missing, can someone handle this?)

Note the desktop files are not normal Unity webapps desktop files, they are just placeholders which xdg-open the appropriate domain. At this point the extension will discover the Amazon userscript in extras and upon seeing it in preauthorization list install + activate the script, triggering the creation of the new Desktop file (in .local/share/applications) which Unity will pick up.

Sorry for the scattered writing in this email! Just trying to make sure my thoughts are captured in case I get sick again (in and out of it all day...)