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** *Webapps Bug Roundup Re: Web Apps... ***


Hi all! Great today today, thanks to everyone involved.

As I am preparing to end for the day within the next hour or two (hope to come back after dinner...but might end up just collapsing), wanted to do a quick round up of my thoughts on all the bugs to help in the morning

*1059441: Firefox crashes because of webapps extension*
Small fix landed and committed, release incoming later tonight re: Ken. Non deterministic crash due to garbage collection.
*1059446: Chromium keeps asking user to install the webapp
*1055832: Some sites don't prompt to install webapp*
I believe this was related to r777, which causes the index to not contain certain applications (due to a memory error, and so with some level of indeterminism). This fix has landed in distro. The bug report itself references GMail in particular
*1059578**: WebApps prompts for password
*Deep and dark mysteries. Need mvo's expertise in the morning
*1059457: Webapps keeps offering to install even when I've said never for this site
*1059460: WebApps installs but nothing happens
*This bug is a little vague. I believe it to be fixed by #1055832 #1059831 #1059832 #1058819 (all fix committed pending release)
*1048893**: Sometimes bamf integration breaks
*Needs information
*1049115: test-application-manifest fails
*1047501: indicators/actions-callback test fails
*Removal of non static actions for indicators snuck up on us! Lamalex is working on a branch
*1059475**: Webapp launchers have incorrect window matching (pips)
*May be fixed in unity-firefox-extension release! A little vague.
*999265: Needless attention in the messaging menu
*This is complex. I have some ideas for at least a significant improvement on the situation tomorrow (manipulating attention drawing via interest activity).
*1026735: Google+ not displaying correct number of unread messages
*Haven't looked at this. someone should!
*1028381: GMail integration does not work with google apps* *for domains
*Fix is available and has been tested in the past, needs update, test, etc...I will ensure this lands tomorrow
*1053409: tests/utils/testSuiteApi.js fails to load src/common/utils.js
*1053716: Upload webapps
*...we definitely uploaded some webapps *hurrah*
*1055502: Migration support doesn't use correct ordering
*105513: Fix session migration script to account for vendor patched gsettings
*Not following this closely. Alex?
*1019265*: *Context not properly shared (chromium)*
This is an old bug is it still valid?
*1028049*: *Double stacked notifications, previous chrome extension not uninstalling
*1045900 new tabs can be opened in chromeless mode:
*1058209: Firefox reinstalls addons everytime I restart ubuntu!
*Fixed though the current solution (low risk) solution might have some (quite small) impact on startup time. Worth looking at addressing in the future.
*1055803: UIFe Typos in strings to translate in template?
*Waiting on response from i18n team?
*1059829, 1059831, 1059832: Installation prompt, and script loading
*These are a series of bugs I filed tracking errors in the install process after #1059441 and #1058209 were fixed. These are all fixed now as well :) and with this firefox-extension can successfully question, install, and load applications with one dialog and no refresh :)
*1058819: Amazon sometimes fails to load on international domains
*Related to differences in page markups. Fix committed.

Thanks again all!  Great day.


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