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Re: ** *Webapps Bug Roundup Re: Web Apps... ***


A few additions:

On 12-10-01 09:20 PM, Robert Carr wrote:
> *1059446: Chromium keeps asking user to install the webapp
> *Alex?
I cannot get a prompt for auth in chromium, it uses the same mechanism
as FF (afaik) but I get a "Error installing package: Failed to obtain
authentication." or a PolicyKit error (not specific),
I get a dialog when using other means (non from npapi chromium),
If anyone has an idea please share,

> *1059578**: WebApps prompts for password
> *Deep and dark mysteries. Need mvo's expertise in the morning
yup, I have installed mvo's branch (
it did work for some time but now it doesn't anymore ... Ken saw the
same thing,

> *1047501: indicators/actions-callback test fails
> *Removal of non static actions for indicators snuck up on us! Lamalex
> is working on a branch
we should be careful about deprecating the old addAction api ... (this
is not a good move from indicators imo, there should have been more
communication there)

> *1059475**: Webapp launchers have incorrect window matching (pips)
> *May be fixed in unity-firefox-extension release! A little vague.
not even sure where to fix this, ... bamf (that still has a ref to the

might not be fixed quickly for chromium depending on the location,

> *1028381: GMail integration does not work with google apps* *for domains
> *Fix is available and has been tested in the past, needs update, test,
> etc...I will ensure this lands tomorrow

> *105513: Fix session migration script to account for vendor patched
> gsettings
> *Not following this closely. Alex?
have had a look last week (and got side tracked), it is tricky ... I
have a patch for that that seems to work, but someone reported some
crashes of the script on their Edubuntu machines. It does not cause any
harm (is silent) and basically solves the issue but is annoying. I
looked at it and debugged on a Edubuntu image, and I am a bit puzzled as
of now. The stack trace is somewhat clean, but it crashed in a call to
gsettings get_mapped() (from python binding). I tried various things w/o
success. I might ping guys in #ubuntu-desktop,

-> not a blocker (a good enough "fix" was released),

> *1019265*: *Context not properly shared (chromium)*
> This is an old bug is it still valid?
not sure yet,
> *1028049*: *Double stacked notifications, previous chrome extension
> not uninstalling
> *Likewise
will have a look, Ken have we released the pem somewhere? (can we?) I
don't see any way around it,

Alexandre Abreu
Software developer
alexandre.abreu at canonical.com

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