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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/mines_sleep_time into lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/mines-worldsavior


Ah good to know. I was suspecting it but didn't know. So for the future I would prefer not to have any merge requests into this branch. 
@Toni Förster:
As I really appreciate your work probably it would be easier for the future to pull the branch do the agreed changes right in there and push a new revision afterwards. We have done this with other branches as well. And we did so with this one (it was originally uploaded by GunChleoc). Only thing is to check whether there are no parallel activities on the branch while changing it, which could be solved with a comment in the merge reviews or a PM over Launchpad as well. 
could you please be so kind to merge this once travis is green?

Perhaps it would be a good idea to direct Worldsavior for a final review of the branch after this one has been merged. Afterwards I would vote for merging the mines-worldsavior branch as it already got very big. In the future we should try to keep smaller changes.
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