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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/ship_scheduling_2 into lp:widelands


Yes, the simulation should be correct. Calling the sink_ship function is calling the sink_ship function, and it doesn't matter if the caller is a Lua script or a UI button. Both will send off the same player command. If they don't, it's a bug.

And yes, we do want Widelands not to get into an undefined state when a user performs an action, even if it's sinking a ship or destroying a port. We allow those user actions, so they need to be supported.

I have been thinking about this some more, changes in the test suite should be OK in the following 2 cases:

1. The new algorithm needs a bit more time to get back into a well-defined state than the old algorithm. In this case, add a sleep statement to the test suite.

2. The new algorithm gets back into a well-defined state which is different from the well-defined state that the old algorithm used to have. Change the asserts to reflect the new well-defined state.

In all other cases, the new algorithm needs fixing.
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