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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/frisian_balancing_worldsavior_201809 into lp:widelands


Agree, lowering any experience levels is a bad move, in my mind anything below 20 for any worker in any tribe is pointless. It makes the the whole progression system pointless. I have tried Frisians with many values and have settled with numbers in the 30's as being best. I also disagee with any tribe getting experienced workers in their start conditions, but that is another argument for another day.

Agree with at least 2 water for the aqua farm although 3 seems more logical, I cannot see why this has been changed.

On 01/10/2018 11:37, Benedikt Straub wrote:
Review: Needs Fixing

I´m fine with the changes to training camp and tavern.
Having the aqua farm consume just 1 water is illogical, because the water is needed to fill a pond. It should be at least 2 water per cycle.

I am *very* unhappy about the experience changes, since large experience demands are part of the tribe´s character. Just 10 XP for the brewer?!? That´s much to few, and he must need more XP than the baker. Perhaps lowering the baker from 16 to 13 (that´s already very few!) and the brewer from 19 to 15? No more than that please. And the decrease for the blacksmith is _far_ too great as well. Perhaps to 18 or even 17, but not more.