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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/cmakepolicy into lp:widelands


Thanks allot. I changed the the line for the linker flags.

> From my understanding your change will use GLVND on my system. Wouldn't this make bug hunting a
> bit more complicated, because some bugs may appear on systems using the legacy GL driver but not
> on systems using GLVND libraries?

Correct, but if only the new drivers would be installed on a system then only those would be used. And isn't it unavoidable to switch and test with the new drivers as well? 

For the sake of bug hunting this could be set to OLD, but this would defeat the purpose of the policy. I think settings this to OLD manually when needed would be sensible.

As for now, this fixes the bug with the buildsystem, silences the warning and compiles when GLVND are used.

@GunChleoc what's your opinion here.
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