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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/tribe-economy-settings into lp:widelands


Review: Disapprove

I am really unhappy about this change.

Setting the target to 0 for tools means that whenever a new building is completed, I have to wait several minutes until a worker is created. No thanks.
Roads are not normally promoted one by one, but several in a short interval. Just one carrier animal in store again means a delay.
Metals and ores area quite important, just so few in stock is too little.
And when weapons and foodstuff have a target of 0, then it´ll take much longer until I get a newly built trainingsite ready to run.
Inexperienced players will fairly often be in the situation where they need to produce new soldiers fast or get overrun, having only one basic weapon in store then is a joke that means losing for sure.

These settings are optimized for very good players who can build an economy that is running completely smoothly and produces supersoldiers at the highest possible speed. But most of the players aren´t that good, and such settings will just cause unnecessary shortages and delays in a suboptimal economy. Also, less experienced players like to have some more wares in stock so a shortage is less likely to happen, and not everyone always remembers to (or even knows how to) change settings where they dislike the defaults.

We should leave the default targets untouched, and ask the few players who really need such low targets to just set them for themselves instead of expecting all other players to increase their settings.
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