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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug-1825932-open-games into lp:widelands


The tooltip looks good.

I'm not sure about the red border, it's a bit too aggressive when the player doesn't actually want to host a game.

The code for the tooltip needs to look like this:

_("The game %s is already running. Please choose a different name.") % "<font bold=1 color=" % UI_FONT_CLR_WARNING.hex_value() % ">" % game.name % "</font>"

Otherwise, you will be forcing English word order on translators. When marking up strings for translation, always make sure of the following:

1. Complete sentences
2. Do not expose program code or links to translators
3. Use ngettext if the string contains a number

Your team Widelands Developers is requested to review the proposed merge of lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/bug-1825932-open-games into lp:widelands.