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Re: [Merge] lp:~widelands-dev/widelands/economy-target-profiles into lp:widelands


> Since Entry is the descname (right?), 

Wrong. The dropdown also comes with documentation:

	/// Add an element to the list
	/// \param name         the display name of the entry
	/// \param value        the index of the entry
	/// \param pic          an image to illustrate the entry. Can be nullptr for textual dropdowns.
	/// \param select_this  whether this element should be selected
	/// \param tooltip_text a tooltip for this entry
	/// Text conventions: Title Case for the 'name', Sentence case for the 'tooltip_text'
	void add(const std::string& name,
	         uint32_t value,
	         const Image* pic = nullptr,
	         const bool select_this = false,
	         const std::string& tooltip_text = std::string());

So, the translatable element is:

	/// \param name         the display name of the entry

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