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Re: Fwd: UDS Diversity Outreach Meeting - Accessibility/Disability Edition


Hey phillw and all teams receiving this lovely email,

I just have to say that I have NO clue what this chain of emails is about
(even after reading them). So first and foremost if it sound like I don't
know what I'm talking about, I don't. I'm not wanting to step on any toes or
ruffle any feathers, but it seems like during this day SOMETHING happened.
Something not fully explained in the emails or IRC channels.. Its just even
post-facto the reading of this email is upsetting my stomach. The big
question is, even with this nice (apparent) conclusion, of a situation I
didn't even know happened, do I want to know what's happened?

</slight mental breakdown>


On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 10:42 PM, Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hiyas teams,
> after all the upheaval, I hope this setles things down. We have a massive
> responsibilty to not be one of the 500+ projects that withered and died.
> There are enough talented and commited people between the teams of SII for
> us to succeed. Grab anyone from anywhere who will commit to the gpl v3
> licence. Get your ninja kidnapping skills honed - Failure is NOT an option.
> I've been promised that the server area will all be restored by Monday
> evening (Canadian Time), then I can get the SII forum set up and CB can do
> the divert to it. My laptop dying was a bit of blow, but hey... these things
> happen. As there are several website deveolpers, it wil not take too long to
> get the SII site up with both the wintermute and speech control areas set
> up. You may giggle at the phrase, but "we are Borg, we will adapt" - it is
> yet another repeat of repeating the the wonderful word from the Apollo 13
> mission controller - "failure is not an option". And to this day, I still am
> outstanded that they managed it. If they managed that, we can do this!
> I'll take any 'flak' as head admin,but you devs and the inspirational Team
> Leaders are the the people that that WILL make SII work and bring to many
> people such a gift. It is an honour to be part of your teams. Your
> joint head of development whom I consider a friend, Jacky is such a
> wonderful guy. People like Omega,and my kidnapped tame MOTU (in all but
> title) jmarsden working with the boys on the inferno plugin and for your
> teams also scare the living daylights out of me in knowledge! I cannot name
> all of you, as I know I will miss someone out.
> I am here to serve, and my admin and programming padawans are just so
> excited by the SII project and the work the teams are doing, They are
> delighted to also be a part of history being written, which is what you
> people are doing.
> Regards,
> Phillw
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: 21 February 2011 01:39
> Subject: Re: UDS Diversity Outreach Meeting - Accessibility/Disability
> Edition
> To: Penelope Stowe <pstowe@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: manuela popping <manuela.popping@xxxxxxxxx>, "K.de Jong" <
> undifined@xxxxxxxxx>, danteashton@xxxxxxxxx
> Hiyas Penelope,
> As I said, it did really feel I'd walked into an ambush. both these
> upstream teams will continue to work very closely with your team. We all
> seek the same goal.
> Moving upstream, had it been discussed it would have gotten a +1 from me as
> it allows us to not only access to the wonderful ubuntu people, but people
> from other areas of linux. Like yourself, I had no idea that the decision
> had been taken without even consulting the two inspirational team leaders.
> Once my server is restored (close of buisness on Monday at the latest, they
> have assured me), the sii project can get the two teams up and their web and
> forum areas up. I'll let you know when we have made progress.
> As to if you wish to then put a link on the accessibility wiki page, that
> is a decision for your team. Manuela and Dante have put two awesome teams
> together, One of my padawans has bought the domain name, and I will be
> hosting it on my server area.
> I do hope after this lack of communication that caused friction / upset and
> annoyance that SII and the ubuntu accessibility team can continue to work
> closely together.
> As a poor little Admin, letting the left hand know what the right hand is
> doing does save me getting abuse ;)
> As always, my kindest regards, you are an inspirational TL for Ubuntu
> accessibillity, My teaching people on how to write accessible web sites and
> these 2 projects I am proud to be part of,as the head of admin for them
> both, I am their slave as are my admin padawans who are delighted to help a
> new project be born.My admin padawans are all interested in accessibilty, if
> you ever need a bit of help please do ask - they are ALWAYS nagging me for
> more work to do!
> Regards,
> Phillw.
>   On 20 February 2011 12:11, Penelope Stowe <pstowe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi Phill,
>> I'm sorry, I'm not sure what your first question is, I think something
>> got cut off.
>> As far as the Speechcontrol and upstream. I did not approach popey
>> about any of that and didn't know he was talking to you about it until
>> after you had been approached by him. I supported his opinion after
>> the fact because I'd given the same opinion months ago back when
>> things were first being set up, but I was out-voted and decided to
>> drop the issue. I had no plans on bringing it back up at any point,
>> however, because Speechcontrol was not my project.
>> I'm sorry if you feel like it was my fault it was rushed through, but
>> I honestly didn't know about it until after you did. I know he asked
>> me about Speechcontrol & Winter Mute and I might have said that they
>> would probably be better as upstreams (I can't remember at the moment
>> my exact response), but I certainly did not approach him or ask him to
>> address that with you and I had no idea he was planning on doing so.
>> To be honest, had he informed me that he was thinking of doing so, I
>> would have told him to talk to Manuela directly before you since it is
>> her project, and when he told me (after the fact) that he thought
>> speechcontrol/Winter Mute was moving upstream, I assumed he'd talked
>> to her as well as you.  I'm sorry for any misunderstanding. If I'd had
>> any idea it was coming, I would have talked to Manuela about it.
>> ~Penelope
>> On Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 1:00 AM, Phill Whiteside <phillw@xxxxxxxxxx>
>> wrote:
>> > Hiyas Penelope,
>> >
>> > but under http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct and the advanced one
>> for
>> > admin already covered that? (Sorry I cannot find the link to the 2nd one
>> as
>> > I'm awaiting a system restore on my server area).
>> >
>> > On a personal note, as popey did apologise earlier, it would have been
>> nice
>> > of you to have to let Manuuela or our head of dev, or even me know that
>> > speech control was going 'upstream' and not have it dropping on my feet
>> like
>> > a hand grenade. WE are desperately rushing around getting things sorted,
>> a
>> > little warnining would have been nice. What can I say? I am
>> dissapointed,
>> > would be the best word that will not start a war off. I expected better.
>> >
>> > If this is how ubuntu access works, I'm glad we went upstream. To drop
>> that
>> > on my toes, as just the head of admin was disgraceful.
>> >
>> > Philll.
>> >
>> >
>> > On 20 February 2011 03:03, Penelope Stowe <pstowe@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> >>
>> >> One thing that's been discussed recently quite a bit in the Ubuntu
>> >> community is fostering a diverse UDS. There is the newly proposed
>> >> Diversity Statement [1] and Anti-Harrassment Statement [2], and as
>> >> part of that, there have been several meetings aimed at increasing
>> >> attendance of and friendliness to women resulting in plans to make it
>> >> happen [3]. Now it's time to discuss how we can better serve those
>> >> with accessibility needs who wish to attend!
>> >>
>> >> To start talking about the issues involved, a meeting has been
>> >> scheduled for Tuesday February 22 and 20:00 UTC in
>> >> #ubuntu-accessibility on freenode.
>> >>
>> >> I really encourage anyone interested to attend. Even if you've never
>> >> been to a UDS and aren't planning on applying for sponsorship for the
>> >> next UDS, we really want your input on how we can do the best to
>> >> encourage people who have accessibility needs (ranging from physical
>> >> to food allergies to sensory or anything else that might fall under
>> >> the broad range of issues that "accessibility" covers) to attend and
>> >> how we can make sure UDS is safe to attend for all.
>> >>
>> >> I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible!
>> >>
>> >> ~Penelope
>> >> Ubuntu Accessibility Team Lead
>> >>
>> >> [1]
>> http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2011/02/07/a-diversity-statement-for-ubuntu/
>> >> [2] http://uds.ubuntu.com/harassment/
>> >> [3] http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS
>> >>
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