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Status Update.


Hello all.

Many of you are most likely wondering what is happening to the
Wintermute project and the SII, this email was written with the intent
of keeping everyone updated.

First off; JackyAlcine, our head of development, is still offline due to
his only computer blowing up. This means his contributions to the
project have slowed down immensely. At this stage of the projects
development, I do find it worrying; the SpeechControl project is running
a donations drive to help him buy a new computer. I would suggest you
contact UndiFineD for information on how to donate, if you so wish.

Secondly: Phillw, our much loved head of administration, was robbed
(which explains why he hasn't been online for the past month). I don't
know the details at this point, but from what I have heard, it has been
emotionally (and financially) traumatising for him. I have been told we
can expect him back in a few weeks. Personally; I'm just glad he's OK.

Third: We are indeed idling at this point; but this situation will be
resolved shortly; please don't think we're dead, because I can assure
you were it not for two important people (at this stage of the project)
both being taken offline by things beyond our control, we would be
running at full capacity. Work is still being done on the wiki, and we
are still setting up (it takes time).  So, don't loose faith. Wintermute
will exist with your help. It won't exist without it.

Important Note: Until Phillw comes back, Daniel0108 & MichaelH are
running the admin side of things.

Request: A new mailing list has been setup for general announcements on
the SII Launchpad site; https://launchpad.net/~sii
Please make sure you are subscribed.

Thank you all!

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