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Psychology team meeting.


Hello, Psy-team!
As you know, our team leader, Dante Ashton is temporarily unable to
lead this team and has chosen as Head of Psychology until he recovers.

And well, I think it's time for another Psy meeting, since last one
was a couple of weeks ago and haven't had one since.
I've chosen Wednesday 4th, 19:00 UTC for the event. If anyone can't
assist or prefers other time and/or date, please send a mail to me or
this list.

The agenda for the meeting will consist of two topics:
-Avatars for Wintermute
-Semantics in natural language. This is, understanding how sentences
are made and how elements link with each other.
For the second point, I'd be of interest to read the latest material
on Panlingua, so I ask Jacky to send a mail to the list with relevant
documents for us to read, please.

Artir. José Luis Ricón.

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