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Greetings members of the Synthetic Intellect Institute. I'm *Jacky Alcine*,
the practical CTO of the Wintermute project. I must admit, from the outside;
this project may seem to be a bit dormant and lacking any activity, but rest
assured, such an impression is mainly invalid to the actual inner workings
of the team. At the moment, we're working to move the base of Wintermute
from an archaic build system to a more modern one and also implement
packaging work for the system. This way, we can have more testing
capabilities and allow external developers (members not of the Institute) to
submit patches and request merges, since they now would have something to
test with.

I encourage the developers that are considered "lurking" to now engage
yourselves in the todo list for Wintermute Phoenix 0.01a. You can take a
look at this page on the SII's revision page for Phoenix[1] and on the
upcoming TaskFreak task management system[2]. That task management system'll
hold most of our "TODO" operations in the upcoming future. I recommend that
anyone interested in viewing the tasks to register for an account there.

Until then, just reply to the list :)

[2] http://www.thesii.org/tasks/
Jacky Alcine
Blog <http://jackyalcine.co.cc/> | Launchpad<https://launchpad.net/~jackyalcine>

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