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Re: (VERY) Rough mockup of Wintermute's Interface.


My thoughts:
Last two pictures are perfect. First one, is IMHO, a mess. What are we
showing to the user there?
1. Disc usage
2. RAM status (maybe other hardware too)
3. Net status
4. Cloud status
5. System status
6. WM status
7. Button to go diagnose.
The user. Think about the user. The user cares about apps and what he
can do with them. WM will manage apps, after all. Instead, imagina a
standard (K)Ubuntu, with all that data places in the form of
indicators in the panel, giving maximum visibility to the content the
user really wants. If something really needs the user's attention,
then WM can raise a more visible alert.

2011/9/1 SII <dante.ashton@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> I've just finished three rough (and I mean, VERY rough, sorry about that;
> only had half an hour to do them) mockups of Wintermute's interface.
> You'll find them here.
> http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Natural_Language_Interface#Draft_Design_of_NLI

José Luis Ricón

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