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Re: jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx has shared: Windows 8 OEM specs may block Linux booting


Anti-competitive legal letters would be flying at them faster then an F-22
attached to the space shuttle. Their own insecurities are not anyone elses
fault. Also, retooling all the factories to insert this BIOS replacement
would take nigh-on forever. BIOS's have been around since the beginning of
the IBM-compatible PC era.

Boot malware is only troublesome to machines (be they Windows or Linux) ONLY
if the attacker is physically there, I'm sure.

Not to mention; certificates? How on earth is the OS going to flash the ROM
to update certification?


On 21 September 2011 13:56, jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx <jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx
> wrote:

>   Guys, this is some scary stuff. If (and us knowning Microsoft, it will)
> this gets through, it'd be impossible to boot Linux, and in turn, the
> WintermuteOS. This is something I was looking at on this site before and on
> DarkReading, but I didn't really think Microsoft would pull through with it.
> I, personally, will start looking at the Grub project and seeing what I can
> do to help and circumvent this danger..   Windows 8 OEM specs may block
> Linux booting <http://shar.es/HPTMd>
>  Source: itworld.com
> After years of trying to cut off Linux growth as a desktop platform on x86
> and x64 PCs, Microsoft may have actually figured out a way to stop Linux
> deployments on client PCs dead in their tracks.   <http://shar.es/HPTMd>
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