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Congratulations to Artir!


Hello, everyone.

I have the immense pleasure of announcing that José Luis Ricón, known to us
as Artir, has become a fully fledged Robo-Psychologist.
He has shown that he has the skills, the training and the intellect required
to explore, design and build the inner workings of Wintermute.

Considering, however, Artir's skillset and his capacity as a human being to
get inside the mind of a machine; that he can work the logical apparatus of
the mind with the same skill I can and, considering that has far more time
and energy then I possess, I have elected to step down from the role of Head
of Robo-Psychology and appoint him as my successor. To this, he has agreed.
He is ideal for the role.

I ask all members to congratulate Artir on his new position within the
S.I.I; he has earnt it. His new role has responsibility to bear; he is to
operate the Psych team, screen new members to see if they are fit for duty,
teach them until they reach full Robo-Psychologist status and work with the
Development team; his job is to help design and work out the problems that
occur when human psychology interacts with that of a machine. He also now
has the role, along with the other Heads, to protect the S.I.I and
Wintermute from those who bear the project ill will.

I will remain as the CPU of the S.I.I, and will continue to
work closely with Artir and the other Heads in order to develop Wintermute.

And to Artir; I say congratulations, my friend. You have done wonderfully
and have surprised me many a time with your abilities. Make me proud, my


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