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Hello, Robopsych!

Our glorious leader, Dante just made me Head of Psychology, meaning that
it'll now be my responsability to lead this team, call meetings, and in
general, make sure the team is useful to the project. Don't expect a
revolution in management style. This is my first time leading a team, so
will try to do my best. I'm always open to criticism and I hope any issue
can be openly discussed.

I'd also like to ask who considers himself an active member of Psy. You can
just leave, if you feel this is boring or going nowhere. Just don't reply to
this email, or reply, stating that you should want to quit. Those who answer
will remain in Launchpad's mailing list, and we'll have a meeting next week.

Best regards,

Your new evil overlord, Artir.

José Luis Ricón