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[info] Wintermute Project Listing Updating + New Project


Hey guys. As the subject suggests, this is an update regarding the project
listing as found on the Institute's Wiki [1]. We currently have *brobo* and
*hacked_kernel* each working on building the base of the *Messaging API*[2]
and the *Voice API*[3]. *Gentoolx* is a core developer and has provided
some key components of Wintermute (i.e: the original design used today
for modular, aggregated data but used by the plug-ins, frameworks and
APIs). He's currently working on the *Data API*[4], a crucial component of
Wintermute's success. Ontological information has been at a standstill [5]
due to a complication that, thanks to him, we're coming close to solve. I'm
currently working on the *System*[6], *Linguistics*[7], and *Visual*[8] *API
*s of Wintermute and also working to knock out a few bugs as well
[9][10][11]. Although we have people actively working, this only covers
half [12] of the projects listed on the Techbase. Some projects like the *
Semantics* *API* won't be ready for implementation for the up-coming
release of Wintermute, but work is definitely needed for the *Mining API* [13]
as well as the *Testing API* [14]. We also need people to go in and make
documentation more verbose (it's tough doing that *and *producing code!) as
well as finding graphic designers to help us create icons for each plug-in
(as we'd like to produce a listing that would hold all of the Institute's
maintained and validated plug-ins, also permitting perhaps automatic
downloading of the such) and produce more graphical content for Winty.

For those who aren't familiar with SpeechControl[15], well, I'll explain in
more depth when I've completed generating content for the project. But
those itching for a bit, I can tell you this:

SpeechControl is a project that attempts to provide speech technologies to
the Linux desktop that'll launch the ability to recognize and synthesize
text in an exponential manner equivalent to the growth to the use of open
source software in current day.

A suite of teams, projects and a whole sector on the Wiki will be produced
for the sole purpose of this project. I hope you guys are doing well, and
that you continue to work alongside the Institute.

[1] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects
[2] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/Messaging
[3] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/Voice
[4] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/Data
[5] https://bugs.launchpad.net/wintermute/+bug/846248
[6] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/System
[7] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/Linguistics
[8] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/Visual
[9] https://bugs.launchpad.net/wintermute/+bug/864318
[10] https://bugs.launchpad.net/wintermute/+bug/868903
[11] https://bugs.launchpad.net/wintermute/+bug/873603
[12] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects
[13] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/Mining
[14] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/Wintermute:Techbase:Projects/Testing
[15] http://www.thesii.org/wiki/SpeechControl

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We are the Synthetic Intellect Institute
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Jacky Alcine, Head Developer of Wintermute
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One Vision. One Purpose.
We are the Synthetic Intellect Institute
contact@xxxxxxxxxx :: http://www.thesii.org/ :: #sii on FreeNode

Jacky Alcine, *Head Developer of Wintermute*
http://jackyalcine.co.cc :: jacky.alcine@xxxxxxxxxx ::

Jacky Alcine
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